Monday, March 15, 2010

Salad From Atlantis - Sea Green Spiral

Meantime Records
COX11 / 1988

Crusty, cider-drinking punky southerners. Really groovy bass work from Tim Fish, and catchy tunes to counteract the patchouli.

A1 - Single Breath
A2 - Sky's The Limit
A3 - Diamond Spiral / Carmen
B1 - D.T.
B2 - Small World
B3 - I'm Not Sure Anymore
B4 - Something In My Cyder (mantra)

I need sunlight to photo the sleeve properly, so artwork to follow.


  1. Huge thanks for this (and a nice transfer it is too) !

    Reminds me of when my social life used to revolve around the Eagle and Richmond, the
    Fish Brothers and the legless mannequin,
    jumpers for goalposts....Nurse !

  2. nah, just too busy. i shall return

  3. I'm still alive and playing with The Fish Brothers. Have loads of I Don't Care Means.../Waiting For The Sign 7" double A side singles if anyone wants a copy?

    I'll sell em dead cheap as otherwise they'll never see the light of day outside my wardrobe.

    Cheers, Martin Fish (nee Salad)