Saturday, January 30, 2010

Throbbing Gristle - TG+ Box Set

The companion piece to the TG24 box. 10 more disks. All artwork scanned in high res too.

**Sorry, I can't find the zip with the artwork. if anyone downloaded it and still has it handy it'd be great if you could share it. cheers**

Throbbing Gristle - TG24 Box Set

Ok, it's not vinyl, but you can't buy it. 320k rips of the entire 25 disk box set, plus high-res scans of every bit of artwork and cd cover within. Very nice.

**new live files now online**

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tad / Pussy Galore - Damaged 7"

Sub Pop
SP37 1989

01 - Tad - Damaged I
02 - Pussy Galore - Damaged II

Does this need anything saying about it? Nah

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Frankfurter (The Stupids present...) - Eat EP 12"

Vinyl Solution
FART1 1987

Ah, Vinyl Solution - what a magnificent label. Here's The Stupids with a concept EP about food. Kind of. Silly fuckers. Sounds just as you'd expect, which is great.

1. Freak E. Frank & The Get Frank Crew
2. Gimme Donuts
3. Inbred Zombies
4. More Of The Same

5. Hot Babes
6. Mega Zombie
7. Pasta Boy
8. Raise The Breadknife

Plain white sleeve with a sticker in the corner.

Butthole Surfers - 1983 Demos

PUNK007 1983
12" Green Vinyl

1. Radical West
2. White, Dumb, Ugly & Poor
3. Matchstick
4. BBQ Pope
5. Something
6. I Hate My Job

The Tards - I'm Just Like You 8"

Sympathy For The Record Industry
SFTRI239 1993
8" vinyl (there's a novelty)

1. I'm Just Like You
2. Quiet Village Idiot
3. I'm Just Like You (Reprise)

Look, I just bought it. It's not my fault. Get on their case!

There's an insert outlining the "Society for Cutting Up Mensas" Manifesto, which explains a little of their motivation in recording this. So take that stick out of your ass and place your tongue as firmly in your cheek as they had at the time. Boyd Rice and Adam Parfrey are known for their dark humour after all.

Edward Barton - Belly Box Brother Gob 12"

Wooden Records
WOOD2 1986

1. Telephone Box
2. Nob Gob
3. I Slap My Belly
4. Every Day I Try To Find The Man Who Killed My Brother

Tortured lyrical genius.

Buy his poetry books.

Satin Chickens - The Anatomy of Sodomy 2x7"

Sympathy For The Record Industry
SFTRI96 1991 Ltd Edn of 1000

Side A plays at 331/3rpm
Others play at 45rpm

A: The Anatomy of Sodomy
AA: Garbage People
AAA: Gang Bang and the Pain Master
AAAA: Belching, Demon TOAD

I've just noticed that my review of this from elsewhere has appeared as the official review on Good lord.

Not much information out there, but Satin Chickens included Edwin Pouncey, Stefan Jaworzyn, Stephen Thrower, and undoubtedly some other people involved in Coil/NWW.

Dedicated to the sacred flapping jowels of Billy Mundi.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pregnant Neck - Scaffolder Olcer EP

Neckesque Records
NECK1 1990

1 - Pie and Mash
2 - Wasn't Told
3 - Silicone Implants
4 - One Scratch

The track order on the vinyl doesn't match the cover track list, so I've reordered it.

Noisy, clanky nonsense from Essex, like a down-at-heel Stump meets a sped-up Artphag with Swell Maps vocals.

Strangulated Beatoffs - Lick My Butthole 7"

Glitterhouse Records
GR 0132 LC 8323

320k rip from vinyl

01 - Lick My Butthole
02 - Broken Nose