Monday, March 15, 2010

Crent - Crent

Waterfront Records
DAMP132 / 1990

A side-project of Celibate Rifles chap Kent Steedman. Goes all over the place, from Slint-ish post rock twanging to an 18 minute Neu!-esque krautrock workout. Very nice.

Apparently Crent is the female equivalent of smegma. Very un-nice.

01 - Loser
02 - Intestine Beanie
03 - Save The
04 - Greiner Is A Crent
05 - Battery Rap
06 - 9.k.?

I'll do the artwork when the sun comes out.

And for PC people, here's the rather epic track 6 without a '?' in the title. Sorry about that.


  1. That may be something I never needed to know.But i'll have a listen to this anyway.

  2. i was a little taken aback by the fact, but its good to know.

  3. hey track six (backside) missing. was so looking forward to the 18 min track! still have the vinyl but no record player. what am i gonna do now? wait again. but anyway... thx

  4. track 6 is there. maybe it won't open cos it has a ? in the title. works on mac. i'll upload it seperately with a different filename.

  5. 18 minute Neu!-esque krautrock workout? Why, yes please! Thanks!