Monday, March 15, 2010

Salad From Atlantis - Sea Green Spiral

Meantime Records
COX11 / 1988

Crusty, cider-drinking punky southerners. Really groovy bass work from Tim Fish, and catchy tunes to counteract the patchouli.

A1 - Single Breath
A2 - Sky's The Limit
A3 - Diamond Spiral / Carmen
B1 - D.T.
B2 - Small World
B3 - I'm Not Sure Anymore
B4 - Something In My Cyder (mantra)

I need sunlight to photo the sleeve properly, so artwork to follow.

Crent - Crent

Waterfront Records
DAMP132 / 1990

A side-project of Celibate Rifles chap Kent Steedman. Goes all over the place, from Slint-ish post rock twanging to an 18 minute Neu!-esque krautrock workout. Very nice.

Apparently Crent is the female equivalent of smegma. Very un-nice.

01 - Loser
02 - Intestine Beanie
03 - Save The
04 - Greiner Is A Crent
05 - Battery Rap
06 - 9.k.?

I'll do the artwork when the sun comes out.

And for PC people, here's the rather epic track 6 without a '?' in the title. Sorry about that.

Jah Division - Dub Will Tear Us Apart EP

The Social Registry
TSR012 (edition of 800) / 2003

I think it kind of speaks for itself. Apologies for the slight click on track 3 - manufacturing fault.
Generic Social Registry sleeve with Jah Division sticker.

A1 - Transmission Dub
A2 - Heart + Soul Dub
B1 - Dub Disorder
B2 - Dub Will Tear Us Apart

Friday, March 5, 2010

Various Artists (Steve Fitch, Daniel Johnston, Stickmen With Rayguns, Butthole Surfers) - A Texas Trip

Caroline Records / Latino Bugger Veil
CAROL1339 / 1987

Simply fucking brilliant. Sorry there are a few small clicks n pops, but if anyone has a pristine copy of this they just weren't there, maaaaan.

A1 - Steve Fitch - In The Neighbourhood
A2 - Daniel Johnston - Don't Play Cards With Satan
A3 - Stickmen With Rayguns - Gravecity
A4 - Butthole Surfers - All Day
B1 - Stickmen With Rayguns - Kill The Innocent
B2 - Daniel Johnston - Grievances
B3 - Butthole Surfers - Flame Grape

Trivia: the inner sleeve is printed the same both sides.